About YouMapps.Org

YouMapps was a project started by Astrium-GEO in 2010 to create a platform suited for the collaborative (You) creation of Maps and Applications (Apps).

This project is now terminated but I continue to put energy and faith in the setting up of agreements between the OpenStreetMap community, some NGOs or international oerganization and the company that I am working for, Astrium-GEO. I have renamed this initiative YouMapps.Org and will ask for the support of Astrium Corporate Responsability fund.

Easy access to maps is one of the steps in the development / independence of a country or a community. While it only takes some GPS and skilled volunteers to create a map of a city (see below OpenStreetMap), it is more difficult to map a large region or to guess where to update the map. And when volunteers are missing on the spot, it is difficult for remote volunteers to provide support. Yet, satellite images can help solve this situation by providing an up to date, global and remote view of the location.

YouMapps.Org provides a framework under which images released to a specific organization or group can be published on the web for the benefit of the OpenStreetMap community. Vector information can be extracted from Astrium-GEO images and published under an Open-Source license.