A personal site about geography, web 2.0 and much more

You will find on this site bits and pieces of information related to my work in satellite imagery, web technologies and E-business. You will also find articles about subjects that I care about, like as sustainable development and Buddhism. And finally some 360° panoramas of places around the world – although I am way behind in term of production and publication !

Since 1991, I’ve been working in the field of software development and satellite imagery. Since 1997, I specialize into web technologies and web business. After several years spent as a Java/Swing consultant for Valtech, and 6 years as Technical Director for Fleximage (EADS), I have been in charge of E-business & New Markets at Spot Image. In the last years, Spot Image has been acquired by Astrium and Astrium has merged with Cassidian; so I am now part of AIRBUS DS Geo-Intelligence where I am in charge of Online & Software Partnerships. Here is my complete resume !

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Here are the projects and causes that I support or participate in :